Wednesday, December 12, 2007

belly button fuzz

Years ago, my mom noted my tendency to spend too much time analyzing my own belly button fuzz. As a person about whom this is a true statement, I actually liked it when she said it -- it was more fuzz for me to examine.

Now, this is who I am and it can be a helpful, healthy thing. It can also be annoying (to me and to my friends) and even unhealthy when I can't get past it.

Why all this confession? I supposed I was just thinking about stuff and caught myself thinking too much...and figured that this is exactly what the blog was created for. Ha.

This tendency is enhanced or magnified by holidays in general, by glowing fires (camp fires, candle flames, fireplace fires, etc.) and twinkling lights, by birth and death -- by all sorts of beginnings and endings, in fact, and even by hormones.

So, what have I been thinking about besides thinking about thinking too much? That will have to wait for another blog another day.