Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Costa Rica

1. Me and the Ox cart guy at a "tourist" stop on the way out of San Jose to the volcano. I paid him a buck so I could get my picture taken with him and his ox and his cart. He even let me wear his hat.

2. Susan, Dawn and me at a volcanic crater lake.

3. Justin looking down into the steaming volcano from a look-out platform.

4. A flower.

5. Looking down in the steaming volcano. It was fascinating to watch.

6. Bud by big leafed plants.

7. Typical Costa Rican mean at a place where tourist eat typical local food.

8. Joanne by the flowers at the coffee plantation. She's an ethnomusichologist.

9. Bud and me and people we don't know climbing the trail to the volcano's crater. The climb would have been mild except we were at 9000 ft.

10. Is this flora or fauna?

11. Before our ONE day of acting like tourists, we'd spent a few days meeting and planning and reporting with each other in English and Spanish. This presentation about the ministry of Tres by Olivia was really cool. It is so good to see how God is working in Central and South America, raising up missions leadership! This conference focused on ways for our organizations to work together in communicating opportunities for people to be involved in the global Bible translation movements.

12. A flower.

13. Meat and other things in the back of a truck on the way to market on Saturday morning.

14. Coffee plantation. Oh, Costa Rican coffee is...yummmmm.

15. San Jose.

16. Bud.

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