Friday, June 29, 2007

A Sonnet

Refelcting on my time in Jamaica (I was just reading the four-part blog from my April trip), I was remined of other times when I've gone to the ocean and heard God's voice and felt him calling me to himself and then I was remined of these words I'd strung together a number of years ago. As the title states, this is a "sonnet" -- a poetic form I like to write because of the disipline of the form. That may surprise some of you who know how much I like to not wear shoes or how often I color outside the lines.


To walk where earth and sky and sea collide
while roaring surf breaks forth in chorus bright

and bold, belonging to the dark of night

as much as light of day (no need to hide)

is to, for one short breath, encounter One

whose salty breath and roaring laughter shout

to all whose hearts long for the shade of doubt

to fall forever to eternal sun

And then to see sweet morning drops of dew

on swaying grass as light turns past to morn—

Awake my soul! And with the truth adorn

thyself, for it is time for Lover’s woo

A prayer. A word. Toes sunk in swirling sand,

Head lifted high, I take my Lover’s hand

©2003 Ruth D. Hubbard

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