Saturday, November 01, 2008


Uh huh. It is officially November.

Big month in my world.

I know, you're thinking that this is just one more self-promoting blog about my 47th birthday on November 7 and the post where I was kind of hoping 47 different people would add a comment. Well, that is not the point of this posting, but since you brought it up... there is still time.

Two things are scheduled to occur this month that will significantly impact my life for a long while. Deep breath.

Mark and Charlene Canada are moving to Ukraine where they will live and serve with SEND Int'l -- they leave on November 6.

I am 110% supportive of this next step of obedience for them and I am thrilled to see how God has orchestrated so many details and provided perfectly so far and fully anticipate He will continue to do so in the future. I can't wait to see the ways that God uses them in His work of redemption and restoration in the lives of they will serve.

But none of that changes that fact that these dear friends who have opened their lives and home to me over the past decade are not going to be where I can get to them very easily -- at least not in the ways I have before. Yes, I am thankful for the technology that will make this all so much easier. Skype. Email. Facebook. All good. But it's not like being able to hop on a plane and be with them in just a couple hours once or twice a year. I'm feeling very much like I felt when I joined Wycliffe and drove to Florida to live -- filled with expectation and excitement and peace and also filled with an aching sadness that just is.

The other thing is the November 22 Last Languages Celebration that will mark the launch of the Last Languages Campaign for Wycliffe. Both the event (which I've had the privilege to coordinate) and the campaign (which I'm fully committed to in every way) are stretching my horizons and growing my faith.

When I see the ways that God is orchestrating things so that He will be glorified in ways that are beyond our imagining, it takes my breath away. I truly believe that this leg of the journey for me will include things that will set my grew-up-baptist feet to dancing!! I also believe that I will face bigger tests and greater challenges than I've known before.

Today, at the beginning of November, I feel like I've finally made it to the font of the long, long line that twisted through the amusement park and have just buckled myself into my seat of the tallest, fastest, longest, craziest coaster of my lifetime.

My heart is pounding.

I may puke.

The very real smile on my face isn't hiding the also very real tears in my eyes. And truly, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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