Thursday, September 07, 2006


Sometimes I find myself saying that it's hard to know what God wants us to do. You've said it, too, at times when you are wanting to follow Him, but his shadow ahead on the road is so obscured by fog and darkness you can't even make out the shape of Him.

Then there are moments of uncomparable clarity. I find those often are woven into experiences of reading God's Word. He is at once mysterious and revealed. By the Holy Spirit living within us, we can understand.

Personally I'm grateful for men like Eugene Peterson who are gifted intellectually and wired poetically and submitted spiritually to Christ - and who paraphrase the Word in ways that wake me up. Like this passage from Micah:

This is pretty clear to me. And such a great reminder of perspective. Joel Hunter (my pastor at Northland Community Church) often reminds us that we take God very seriously, but not ourselves. We sometimes do silly things as part of our time together on the weekend to help us remember something we've been taught from the Word or to shake us out of our ruts. I know I need that. I need to remember to not take myself too seriously.

Does that surprise you?

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