Thursday, August 07, 2008

Summit: Bill George on 21st Century Leadership

Bill George spoke engagingly and with great authority. I love when I listen to a Harvard professor and acutally have some clue as to what they are saying. I have chosen to share some highlights from George's teaching that I found helpful:

20th Century Leaders were Command and Control.

Things have changed.

1. People must be given the opportunity to step up and lead while they are YOUNG.
2. People are looking for meaning and significance in their work. That is a good thing.

21st Century Leadership will...

Align people around the vision, mission and purpose of the organization.

Empower people to step up and lead (rather than working so frenetically to get people to follow you).


Collaborate with others. Collaborate between organizations.

Understand what motivates leaders to lead? It is about their life stories – transformation experiences that become the voice of our calling. (Examples: Howard Schultz – Starbucks; Oprah Winfrey – Oprah)

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