Saturday, August 09, 2008

Summit: Chuck Coleson

Coleson was the seasoned veteran on the Summit roster. I remember that he spoke at my college graduation. His message was fairly simple: we must know the truth and teach the truth and raise up a next generation of leadership who also know the truth and can teach and defend it.

I didn't take copious notes on Coleson's talk - but did make some notes that I find helpful. One early statement he made is that God will bless us ONLY so His holiness can be revealed to the world. I greatly appreciate this reminder of the supremecy of our holy and mighty God.

One other thing that I appreciated was a simple statement he made that ff you are a leader, your job is not to pander to your people, it is to LEAD them.

Coleson is one of the people who has deeply impacted a generation with his clear and bold teaching. He's not as warm and engaging in his style as some others, but he speaks the truth with clarity and great passion. What a gift he has been to the Church.

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