Saturday, December 06, 2008

Nativity#7: Can you tell?

This soft-sculpture was made in Thailand. It includes Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus in a manger and a Shepherd. It also includes a sheep/goat that resembles a dog and a camel. Or maybe the one I think looks like s shepherd is Joseph and the guy in green is a Wiseman from the east -- and the camel is his. Not sure. Can you tell?

Maybe one of you who lives or has lived in Thailand has insight into this "set" which seems atypical as a set. 


  1. my in-laws have that exact nativity! i caught my nephew using a electric toothbrush to brush the "wiseman's" teeth. i like your explanation that he is the wiseman since his clothes are a little fancier.

  2. I vote for "Joseph with the staff" and the "Wiseman is in green." Wouldn't you think Joseph would have had a staff, given the journey to Bethlehem?

    Otherwise, Ruth, you'll have to explain how Joseph managed to bring his Sunday best to Bethlehem but left Mary's Sunday best back home!! :-)