Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009: Day One

The NEW is here.

I love new.

New shoes. New car smell. New potatoes. New and improved laundry detergent.

If course, not all new things are good any more than all old things are beyond their usefulness or value.

Truth is, I love old, too.

Old jeans. Old books. Old memories. Old friends.

As I look to a new year, I find myself looking ahead with a kind of enthusiastic anticipation for what God has in store. I look ahead to a great blend of old and new -- all built upon the foundation of the Eternal.

I'm certainly not looking ahead with expectations of ease and comfort exactly -- though I do believe that there may be a bit of that from time to time. Goodness, I'm learning, is not meausred in those things.

I expect that 2009 may well bring rather a generous share of challenge. The thing is, the more I know of the God of the Universe who is also the One who draws near to us as Immanuel and who lives within us as the Spirit of the Living God, the more I am confident that the days ahead will be truly good even in their most difficult because He will be in them.

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