Monday, January 05, 2009

Slum Dog Millionaire

"Great story, very well told..."
-Ruth Hubbard from Hubbard's Cupboard

On Saturday evening I went with friends to see Slumdog Millionaire. When Nancy asked me if I wanted to see this film, I asked her if it was about a rapper. Once she told me a little about it, I recalled reading a review in Time, but I didn't remember much.

I generally don't do movie reviews on my blog (both because I don't see all that many movies early enough in their life to be saying anything that hasn't already been said a thousand times and because I don't like to ruin the experience for those who want, yet, to see the movie). So, this is not a review.

This is simply me saying that this film may not be easy to watch (parts are downright disturbing), but it should be watched. See it in a theater if you have a chance. It earns it's rating, but does not "try" to do so like some movies seem to do.

As the credits rolled at the end of the film, I found myself simultaneously wanting to buy the soundtrack, make a donation to International Justice Mission (IJM), and find friends to take with me to see it again. I suppose this blog is one way to do that last part.


  1. I remember when I was in school in the late 60's my friends and I heard stories of of how poor kids would be kidnapped or lured away from their homes and then blinded or maimed to beg on the streets. I thought this did not exist any more and that India has come a long way since. It makes me feel ashamed after watching this movie.

  2. i think rather than being ashamed we should be contributing in our own way to eradicating such things,not sit back oblivious to the world around us.
    willie bath

  3. While Slum Dog Millionare is a well taken movie - there are couple of flaws as far as the game show is concerned - which is the fulcrum of the movie... a) Game shows are never telecasted Live !! b) During the last question - where there is a commercial break - after the question is asked wherein the participant is allowed to move around before he/she gives out the answer is not done at all !!