Thursday, March 12, 2009

25 Random Things About Me (from Facebook)

NOTE: This was a Facebook game a few weeks ago and I played. It also involved "tagging." I realized after I did this and posted it that I was not so RANDOM as the title of the posting might suggest. I resisted the urge to do it over just to be more RANDOM. I'm not getting graded on this. I fully admit that I packed more than one bit of information into many of the items. 

That means this could rightfully be re-named 


and be more accurate.  


01. I was born in North Dakota and lived the first almost-three years of my life in the same small town (Kulm) where Angie Dickinson grew up. She was born 30 years before I was.

02. Cultural diversity in Kulm was expressed ethnically and denominationally -- Swedish Baptists and German Lutherans. My dad was the pastor at the Swedish Baptist Church and, with my blonde hair serving as proof, I thought I was Swedish. I'm not.

03. When we moved to 316 South Moore Street in Lakewood, Colorado (just before my 3rd birthday), we lived in a home attached to the church. I was just there in December 2008 and found that the building and yard and neighborhood have all gotten much smaller somehow.

04. I collect rocks. I started when we lived in Colorado (great place for it) and still do it even living in Florida where there really are no rocks.

05. One of my childhood heros was Smokie the Bear. I worked with him to prevent forest fires.

06. We moved to the Chicago area while I was in 3rd grade and lived temporarily in the Hippie House in Burbank. It was a rental that had previously been occupied by a local stripper and her drummer boyfriend and, according to neighbors, the parties on weekends were rather out of control.

07. On my first day of school in Burbank, my mom was 30 minutes late picking me up for lunch and I sat on the curb waiting because, QUOTE, I did not know which way to start walking, END QUOTE.

08. The neighbors across the street taught me how to play 16 inch softball and to jump double dutch -- both important skills for a kid to know in Chicagoland.

09. My parents called me Toad from the time I was an infant.

10. My grandpa taught me to drive the tractor when I was 12 and the pick-up when I was 13 or 14 -- the tractor out in the cow pasture and the pick-up on highway N in the Ozark mountains where they lived.

11. One of my favorite things to play as a kid was Secret Agent. Mission Impossible became a favorite TV show once I was old enough to watch it.

12. Sandy Jensen told her boyfriend (Bobby) to kiss me the summer before I turned 16 because she didn't want me to have to be Sweet 16 and "never been...." He did.

13. My classmates at Zionsville Community High School voted me the person in our class most likely to replace Gilda Radner on SNL. I liked that WAY BETTER than "most likely to succeed."

13. I learned in high school that if you walked with purposefulness and carried a 35mm camera, you could go just about anywhere without a hall pass.

14. Joel Hodgson (Mystery Science Theater) was a Resident Assistant in a neighboring dorm when I was a freshman at Bethel. His floor's roommate roulette events were a blast!

15. One of my recurring nightmares involves realizing that I have forgotten to attend a class in which I'm enrolled and it's the end of the semester and I have no idea what is on the final. (That never actually happened to me.)

16. I prefer Levi 501 with the red tag. (I have not actually worn a pair of these for over a decade...but that doesn't change the fact that I like them best.)

17. My first overseas trip (no counting quick border crossings into Mexico one time and Canada a couple of times) was with the Bethel Women's Choir to Sweden, Norway and Denmark in June of 1983.

18. I taught English in Zhengzhou, (Henan Province, The People's Republic of China) with ELIC in 1987.

19. I traveled to Schroon Lake, New York on a bus with the Heritage Christian School senior classes of 1987 through 1997. Some of those trips were admittedly more memorable than others.

20. I went with Wendy, Jennifer and Shelly to TP Watt's car in the parking lot of his apartment one cold winter night. We'd already gotten his car in the school lot during the basketball game early that same evening. I'm sure he was amused. I was.

21. I really did read every entry in every journal that my juniors wrote and turned in for all the years I gave that assignment.

22. I was 37 before I ever went to Florida. On that trip I also had crab legs for the first time... and experienced a tropical named storm first hand... and taste-tested key lime pie almost every day for a week.

23. I like to write sonnets. Iambic pentameter amuses me.

24. I've been to Manila but not Manhattan. I've eaten goulash in Hungary, french fries in Paris and Peking Duck in Beijing, but I've never eaten lobster in Maine. I've ridden an elephant in Thailand but I've never ridden a camel in Egypt (or anywhere else for that matter). I've been to the Panama Canal and I've directed a HS production of Arsenic and Old Lace, but I've never had a root canal (think about makes sense).

25. This was way too amusing for me.

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