Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who Is God?

"Who is God?" from Northland Video on Vimeo.

From February 15th, 2009.

I have a playlist on my ipod that is titled TO REMEMBER. It is a collection of songs that help me remember who God is and who I am (and am not). I use it to refocus my heart and mind rather consistently. I liken myself to a lump of clay on a wheel that needs pretty consistent pressure applied with accuracy and a measure of grace to keep me centered. This set of songs is part of that.

I shared that playlist a while can see what the list was then if you want.

Anyhow, this song (which I heard first a Northland a few years ago and pulled from a CD of one of the worshp services) is the opening song on that playlist. I'm happy to be able to share it with you.

By the way, the two solo voices in this recording are husband and wife regulars on our worship team. I love their voices. Michelle, I just discovered, is a Pepperdine graduate. Hmmmm.

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