Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Name-Ox

God, by his grace, prepared the Murle people of East Africa to hear the Good News that would come to them in the form of His Word long before anyone began to translate the Scriptures into their mother tongue. He built a perfect illustration of himself into their culture.

A teenage Murle boy receives his title of manhood through a special ceremony in which he is given a secret name and a gift of an ox. Bonding takes place between the boy and his name-ox, and the ox goes wherever the boy travels.

The boy has a natural desire to be part of his age set group. If he commits a sin, the ultimate punishment is to be ostracized from his age-set. To restore his relationship with the age-set, he must kill his ox in a special ceremony. His beloved animal is sacrificed for the boy's sin.

The Murle understand that Jesus became the name-ox for mankind.

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