Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Negative Spits or Banana Splits

These are my friends, Mark and Charlene. They're on a journey to a whole new thing that is perfect for them. They're letting me help them put together some "media" that will help them tell the story of their journey as they invite people to be a part of it. Above is the Title Slide for the Power Point I designed this weekend.

They suggested the theme -- inspired by Mark who has been developing into a "real runner." He's done marathons. He's even done some sprint triathlons.

I'm learning about running as I develop stuff like this for them. Like, I learned about "negative splits." When a runner runs a better second half of a race than the first half of the race...that's a negative split. I guess it's counter-intuitive, but also really effective for those who can pace it properly.

Personally (and I know you'll not have any trouble believing this at all), I prefer banana splits.

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