Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Old Friends @ Some Guy's

No kidding, I think the kitchen crew was suspicious of this table full of women carrying on like, well, like there was no way we were just drinking water with lemon with our pizza.

This past weekend I was in Indy and on Thursday night I met some friends at Some Guy's Pizza for dinner. We were there for three hours. I've not laughed that hard, that much for a very long time. I love these women. I love they ways they follow hard after God and long for those around them to love Him and follow Him too. They don't pretend to have it all "together" and they don't blame everyone else for their "stuff." Each one, one step at a time, is moving closer and closer to the wholeness that comes through suffering and celebrating. They count on grace. They wallow in the wonder of Christ's love.

(One woman who was there but left before the photo was taken and a couple others who couldn't come...I'm talking about them, too.)

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