Sunday, September 07, 2008


Not all choices are difficult. Not all of them are a challenge to discern right and wrong... good and evil. Some are. Some are not.

Tonight I made a choice. I started to watch the Women's Final of the US Open Tennis Championship and then chose, instead, to watch the Colts and Bears play football. Now I'm about to choose to turn off the television and just go to bed.

I do like the fact that my television let's me do picture in picture so I can actually "watch" both tennis and football at the same time. This feature came in handy when the Olympic coverage was on more than one channel. I could often avoid commercials -- though some of those were more engaging than some of the sports (sorry...not a fan of weight lifting or boxing personally).

Riveting blogging...I know.

Maybe I'll make a more interesting choice tomorrow and have a better topic out of it.

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