Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ratatouille - Take 1

Today I made my first ratatouille. I went for the not-so-flamboyant version that cooks in a large pot on top of the stove and is scooped into a bowl. I also went for the low-fat, low-sodium version. I figure that those are things you can always add if they are truly missed.

It was simple, simple (I like to clean and cut vegetables and that was the most complicated part) and delicious. I made a large enough pot to have a second meal of it later this week. Yipee.

The fussier versions look gorgeous on the plate or in the casserole dish -- but they can't taste too much better.  And it's not like this looked in any way unappetizing.  

Funny, though...I kind of missed the rat in my kitchen. (Yeah, sorry. But, if I have to explain that, you'll not get it when I do.)

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