Saturday, May 02, 2009

Produce Market & Ratatouille

Dad and i went to the produce market this morning and I got inspired.

That inspiration worked itself out in the kitchen today -- I made lunch and supper and used a lot of produce.

Late in the afternoon I started the easy but multi-stepped process of making ratatouille. The recipe I use as a foundation for this adds chicken and makes it a meal.

I really do love it.

I chopped and chopped.

There was lots of chopping.

I got to use my BIG bamboo cutting board and various ones of my kitchen knives. (You know, having the right knives can make all the difference in the kitchen.)

I also got to go out to the flower garden where I've added a few of my favorite herbs and picked fresh basil (some sweet and some spicy) and rosemary to add to the pot.
(My rosemary is currently growing in a pot on the patio -- it is rather small. I love the way this evergreen smells when it is brushed or crushed.)

And then, while dad chose to have some bread and pepper jack cheese with his, I chose to sprinkle goat cheese on mine. Oh, that was a very good addition.