Saturday, May 09, 2009

Undercover Cootie

One of the things that Cootie enjoys is chasing (and tormenting) geckos. Not the Geico kind that talk and wear little suits, the kind who live on the patio and in the bushes EVERYWHERE here. 

She'll dash out onto the patio and nearly fly from one potted plant to the other, under chairs and around the grill in search of her prey.

The thing is, they see her coming and most of them are smart enough to run. Run fast and straight up and out of reach. 

Cootie used a new tactic yesterday -- the disguise. I admit that she may have gotten the idea from something I was watching on television. So, here is Undercover Cootie ready to go out and blend in with the locals. 

I mean no disrespect for the Cootmeister and still fully support the strategy of disguises, but this flat out did not work. They still saw her coming and they still ran. 

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