Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Cold Play: something about strawberries

This video plays automatically. The problem is, there is another in the post just below that will do the same thing. How annoying. I don't know what to do to make that not happen. I do know that if you click on the one you don't want to hear (or on both of them) it will pause the video. I guess I'll have to resist posting these more than every five blog entries -- or figure out how to change the settings. Hmmmm. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog...

My friend Nancy likes Cold Play. She has an advantage these days that keeps her connected to new music: offspring. As a single and childless woman of 47 years I have done my time lamenting both of those realities from time to time -- though mostly I'm good with both. And mostly for the past decade or two if I have had anything even akin to regrets about my state is has related more to specific advantages or disadvantages and not so much to the whole picture. I am fully aware that there are two sides to this coin.

One of the disadvantages of not having kids at this age in my life is that I don't have access to the music that seems to surround our nation's youth. Yes, I could be more intentional about it -- watch MTV or whatever it is I could do to change that. I could spend a boat load of money downloading things from iTunes when they tell me that this or that is a necessary addition to a complete collection.

For more than a decade -- while many of my peers were disconnected from the music and lost in a land of Barney and Wiggles and Christopher Robin -- I was teaching high school and was one of those "cool" teachers who actually liked the music that my students listened to. Well, most of it.

All of this is background. Context. Explanation to why I'm asking "where have I been?" as I explore Relevant tv and the music videos shared there. (David Gray and Cold Play. I wonder what's next?)

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