Saturday, August 11, 2007

07MA: Days 6-8 - Leadership Summit

Wednesday and Thursday (all day) and Saturday morning I attended Willow Creek's Leadership Summit with Bill and Terri @ Grace Chapel in Lexington (where Bill is an executive pastor -- a great story in itself). I was planning to attend @ Discovery Church in Orlando with others from Wycliffe, but when it worked out for me to visit Burkes the days before, it only made sense for me to stay and attend with them.

The Summit was, as it has been every year I've attended, a well planned and well executed event balancing inspiration with information, admonition with encouragement, reflection with celebration.

Some sessions were favorites right away -- others become favorites later, as the content seeps its way into me.

John Ortberg -- that man is not only a great communicator with a delicious sense of humor, God speaks well through him.

I'm not going to summarize all the sessions in this blog. Maybe there will be times when I'm reflecting on what I heard and I'll do that -- but not now.

Saturday we left the summit and headed directly to Logan International airport when I discovered that Delta had changed me from a "through Atlanta to Orlando" flight to a direct flight leaving 20 minutes later and arriving 2 1/2 hours earlier -- and they'd upgraded my seat to 1st class again. Nice way to end a vacation.


  1. Thanks for all the vacation notes. I enjoyed reading them!

  2. Looking forward to hearing more about Leadership Summit.

    And... I can't believe... the entire time that I was at your house I didn't remember to ask to watch Donald Miller :( Oh well!