Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's just wrong...

I was out wandering around the neighborhood early this morning on my Schwinn 1-speed (slow) with an Ahhhhhh Soft seat and realized that there were teen-agers lurking around corners and coming out of houses. Here it was, not quite 6 AM, and they were out waiting for the bus to take them to school.

How can this be right? How can it even be healthy? I mean, really, how many of these kids watch at least through Letterman's Top 10 list before going to sleep (around midnight) and then get up at 5:40 to catch a 6 o'clock bus?!

Here I was feeling all proud of myself for being up early and there they are. A few of them at least are eating Pop tarts with their Throttle Energy Drink. (I wonder if Kellogg's has thought about putting caffeine in their Pop tarts -- I bet that would sell.)

This just makes me sad.

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