Monday, November 26, 2007

Blogging while Traveling: Lessons Learned

This is pretty simple, really. If I intend to blog while traveling I need to have a plan for dealing with inconsistent access to the internet. ANYwhere I travel this is a possibility. Many of the places I travel, this is reality.

I also need to set more realistic expectations for myself so this does not go the way of exercise -- expect too much, fail quickly, give up.

I experienced the limitations of my laptop battery and am investigating reasonable options.

Finally, if I want to make any type of video and upload it, I would benefit from having some short, royalty free music available to use as background.

So, thanks for your input (those of you who put things in via "Comments" or who mentioned things in email) and I'll keep working on this.

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  1. It was neat to hear about your trip to Panama!