Monday, November 12, 2007

Panama: DAY ONE

...for those who think TRAVEL = SEXY

I've been up since 3:30a. I didn't mean to be up until 4a, but once I was awake, I was awake. I did try to doze back into a light slumber while waiting for my alarm to go off, but it was no use.

I left the house around 4:30a (and sure do appreciate that Dad will get up and be taxi man for these trips -- just makes my life easier).

I have spent most of the day standing in line waiting for something.

  • Waiting to check in .

  • Waiting to go through security.

  • Waiting to get on the plane.

  • Wiating for an electrical repair so we could fly the plane.

  • Waiting to get off the plane.

  • Waiting to use the toilet.

  • Waiting to immigrate.

  • Waiting to get a tourist visa that I didn't know I needed until I was all the way through the immigration line...and which I couldn't purchase until I went up stairs to a perfume store for change. (Yes, I waited in line for the change.)

  • Waiting to go through customs (short wait).

  • Waiting for enough people to arrive so the Hotel bus could justify a trip back from the airport. Waiting to get on the bus.

  • Waiting to get my room assignment. (I'm in room 5005...and had to take the elevator DOWN from the lobby to get there. The ground-level lobby is on the 9th floor. The hotel is on the side of a mountain.)

  • Waiting for the elevator.

I parked my bags in my hotel room around 1:45p...just over ten hours after climbing out of bed. Subtract an hour of "getting ready" and 3 hours flying and a total of 1 hour in the car or on the bus in transit between sleeping places and airports...and that means I've waited 5 hours today.

And it has actually all been pleasant and easy -- it was not a frustrating day, just a waiting day.

Does that make me a "lady in waiting?"

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  1. Just found all kinds of fun things on Wikipedia re: Ladies in Waiting. Thanks for a great rabbit trail. Praying it is all worth the wait!!