Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy Birthday to me...

This is me and my mom...a number of months after I was born (I'm holding up my own head and am bald -- something that happened later. I was born with a full head of dark hair according to Hubbard family legends.)

I really have no idea what we were both looking at - but we were looking none the less.

These days (almost 6 years since my mom died) I miss her more on days like MY birthday than on hers - because my missing is more and more about me and less about her. And yes, I know that sounds selfish - because it is. I don't "wish" her here for her sake or because she would want to be here.

I'm not delirious. She's in heaven with Jesus in eternity - not bound by time and space, not confined by a body that creeks and hurts and frustrates. She has seen Christ face-to-face.

Mostly when I miss her it is because I miss the richness and fun she added to my life. I am especially grateful for friends who God had brought into my life to filled in some of the gap left when she moved Home.

So, way too late on my birthday I'm blogging this...missing my Mom a bit, but far more content than sad in the midst of it. Far more thankful than anything else. It has been a very good day.

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