Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Really, how many pictures of meetings....

...can I post on my blog before you all revolt?

I've been engaged in a thing with Wycliffe for the past few months called the "Member Support Initiative."  (Hey, when it is an internal deal, we don't try so hard to name things in ways that people not involved with the will understand. Sorry.)  Essentially it is an initiative with the goal of making Wycliffe's supported staff (of which there are thousands working world-wide) more effective and more efficient in the part of their ministry that is "deputized fundraising." 

I started to try to explain what all we are doing and realized that the details are not that interesting unless you are inside the process or deeply impacted by it. (Aren't we all grateful for the DELETE key?)

Yesterday we heard reports from the teams that make up the two working groups and I was greatly encouraged by the careful, creative and courageous thinking, exploration and planning that is going into this. It is fun to watch. 


  1. Those of us on the "inside" are VERY grateful for your leadership, Ruth, in tackling this issue. THANK-YOU!

  2. You can post as many pictures of meetings as you wish - as long as I don't have to be in any of them!