Thursday, June 05, 2008

CBN Interview

Bob Creson, Wycliffe USA President (and my boss), interviewed for the show Christian World News produced by CBN (the Christian Broadcasting Network of 700 Club fame) this morning. CBN distributes this show through a variety of outlets across the States and around the world, including TBN where it will air on Saturday (06-07) at 4:30 pm Eastern time. We also understand that the show will be posted on the CBN website on Friday afternoon where it will remain for the week. 

I received the request for this interview on Tuesday just before 5 pm. Thanks to a team effort and a window of opportunity, as well as recently upgraded technology on our media team, we were able to pull things together and get this done. Around 15 people from five organizations living in at least three time zones contributed on our side of the equation.