Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Filbert Hosts Ukrainian Party

Today Filbert hosted a little party so he could share some of his favorite snacks from Ukraine with his friends in the Offices of the President in Wycliffe's USA headquarters.

He served a unique beverage as well as both sweet and savory treats. Now, I will quickly admit that his favorites are not exaclty MY favorites -- but all of the things he shared were fun to try and (thankfully) easy to bring home in a suitcase.

I've posted all of the photos from the party in a Facebook album which you can view by following this LINK. Besides photos, you can read captions about the snacks and the party participants as well as the decorations.


  1. Looks like it was fun! I like the new blog layout, too. :-)

  2. We did have fun, Lisa. It's pretty easy to have fun at work when the people you work with are fun.

    And thanks. I found a new source of free blogger templates and I like this one. I'm not 100% sold because there are features that I miss from the regular blogger templates - but I do like the way it looks.