Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Keeping Up with the Joneses

I'm not sure if this is cyclical or whether I've hit the capacity wall. My blogging has decreased significantly in the past few weeks -- and the only thing I can say that I've added to my daily routine in that time is Twittering. Now, I'm not a voracious twitterer and the posts are 140 characters long. Period. But I'm realizing that the content of the twitter is often more like blog content than like my Facebook status updates.

Is anyone else having trouble keeping up?

So, I think that while I'm on vacation starting on Friday I will stop with the twittering and stick with Facebook -- my reach is broader and more inclusive on Facebook. We'll see if I miss the twit-bit. I anticipate I'll return to my tweetdeck when I return to the office, but am considering changing my priorities there so I leave myself room for blogging.

I have no expectations that people are sitting around unfulfilled because I'm not blogging -- I am not sure many have noticed, actually. I mostly know that I enjoy blogging. It gives me mental space to reflect and rejoice and remember -- all things that are pretty critical in life. Jesus seems to put a priority on all of these activities (though he certainly does not specify a medium for doing them).

I have no idea whether the Jones family has a blog and a Facebook page and a Twitter following actually. If they do, though, I've decided that the goal is not to keep up with their frenzie. The goal -- for me (and for most people I know using these things) -- is to connect with people who matter and to continue the dialogue that matters.


  1. yay! i love your blog. keep doing it. i always am happy when i see you on my google reader :)

  2. I have missed you, too, Ruth...just thought something was wrong with my computer! Glad you're back...