Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cathedrals and Laboratories

Cathedrals and Laboratories from Northland Media Design on Vimeo.


Earlier this week I shared a quote that had been shared at the beginning of Northland's worship last weekend. That quote came in this media piece. As one who has long believed and celebrated the fact that all truth is God's truth and that God can be seen in all He has created, I found this topic to be exhilarating and affirming in many ways.

I grow weary of the part of the conversation that keeps trying to limit God to religious discussions as if we can somehow put a fence about Him and expect that He will behave Himself like a well-trained pet. And while I fully admit that the conversations that push out the sides of the box walls in which we carry around our definitions of God (for I think our finite minds make boxes even when we are trying hard not to do so) can be painful and difficult, they are one of the best ways we can spend ourselves.

In addressing the dance between science and faith, Joel reminded us that science answers the WHAT and HOW questions while faith answers the WHY and WHO questions. And to think that God is only interested in the WHY is to strip God of Himself.

Joel Hunter is one of the people in my life who is helping me to push out the sides of the boxes that I don't really want to have but am stuck with because of my own limitations. Ted Dekker is another -- he uses fiction. John Rutter does it with choral music. Who else?

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