Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Videos on Facebook

I know, I'm a little obsessed with Facebook. You might be surprised to find out that while I go there often and do a number of things there, I don't spend all that much time there. Or maybe I'd be surprised at how deluded I am about how much time I spend there. Again. topic for another day.

This month I've found myself needing to spend a significant amount of time focused on some of the things that are my responsibility but which require skills and thought processes that are less natural or developed in me that what I do most of the time. Among these things are certain aspects of budgeting. I've found that when I'm needing to focus so much of my time and energy on a thing that is outside of my comfort zone or expertise arena, it is good for me to take breaks to do things that I find relaxing and amusing -- and those things are generally creative.

The list of things that fit in that category for me are design projects, video projects, cooking (not so much baking), and some aspects of yard and house projects (yes, generally the ones that make things look pretty or that clean out clutter).

Last week, on a whim, I made a short video of myself eating the peach that was in my lunch. I edited it lightly and posted it on Facebook. It drew a good bit of attention and seemed to amuse at least a couple of people almost as much as it had amused me.

A couple of days later (Was it more than the next day? I think so.) I created a second in what has become a series of lunch/break time videos. Today...the third was produced and distributed. For those of you who wander to my blog but are not Facebookers (and I'm not judging you at all for that), I thought I'd put HYDRATION EXERCISES here for your viewing amusement.

It's summer time and there's nothing on television anyhow -- other than the NCIS marathon on USA and really, how many times can you watch Kate get shot in the head and how many times is Abby's farting stuffed hippo really amusing?

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