Monday, March 31, 2008


Because I'm too dependent upon electronics:
  1. Currency converters (one for type 1 and one for type 2 electronics)
  2. Plug adapters
  3. Extension cord
  4. Power cords for all rechargeable devices
  5. Extra laptop battery
Because I don't want to miss 5 weeks of Bible Study Fellowship:
  1. 5 weeks' of lessons packed to do as I travel
  2. 2 weeks' of lessons to use while visiting BSF classes in Manila because their semesters don't line up with our semesters (and that makes sense when you know their seasons are different than ours)
  3. Addresses and contact info for BSF classes in Manila and a plan for taking a taxi to class
  4. My name tag to identify me when I visit the classes in Manila
  5. My Bible (I would take that anyhow)
Because I'll be doing so many different things in so many different places:
  1. Athletic shoes
  2. Flip flops (to be used as shower shoes, not as shoes to be worn in public)
  3. Black sandals (leather, nice ones, but flat)
  4. Brown "business" shoes (heels)
  5. White casual sandals 
Because I can't imagine traveling (especially internationally) without them:
  1. Multiple sandwich size for toiletries packed in my checked bag (pilot size, but checked)
  2. One quart size for toiletries in my carry-on to meet security qualifications
  3. Two 2-gallon size for doing laundry in the room if it's a better option than the sink (I will be in hotels for this trip, so I don't expect to use a bag for doing laundry -- but in a guest house in Africa the large ziploc was a huge help) and for dirty laundry (especially things like sweaty socks and damp towels)
  4. A few half-gallon size just because you never know when they'll come in handy
Because I am a privileged and wealthy American:
  1. My valid U.S. Passport
  2. A small stash of M&M's to be used as "gifts" or "sanity pills"
  3. More stuff than I need (like quite a bit of what is listed in this blog)

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