Sunday, March 30, 2008

Preparation for Travel: NARNIA

In one week I will begin a journey that will include a number of "firsts" for me, including my first loop of the globe. While I've been to more places than I imagined going in my lifetime (and now am "ruined" to have a much longer list of places I want to visit than I would have had except for all that travel), I've never traveled all the way around before.  If all goes even just somewhat as planned, I will land in Orlando on Mother's Day having made an east-ward journey all the way around. 

So, I've got my lists made and a table in my room where "I need to take this" stuff is collecting -- I generally don't do that much pack-planning any more, but this is 5 weeks/5 locations in 4 cities and I'm busier than ever with stuff up until I go, so it seemed prudent.

One of the things that I purchased lately (and highly recommend if it's the kind of thing you like) is the Chronicles of Narnia done by Focus on the Family's Radio Theatre.  I'd checked out The Horse and His Boy from the public library a month or so ago and really enjoyed it - which prompted me to check it out on line to see how available and affordable it might be. I was thrilled with what I found. (I purchased my copy from, though it is available many places, including directly from Focus.)

So, between tasks involved in deep-cleaning the bathroom and miscellaneous pre-packing and other Saturday standards (including a nap on the patio), I uploaded all 19 discs onto my eMac (iTunes) and will take those files in MP3 format on the trip.  How cool is that?  I have 10 flights ranging from 2.5 hours to 13 hours in length and will have time to listen I expect. 

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