Monday, March 31, 2008

Remember this game?

Go ahead. Identify all the differences between these two seemingly identical images. It will be fun. Who knows, there may be fabulous prizes for people who find them all. I believe there are 9 differences. At least there are that many intended differences.

Unintended differences? Who knows.

Gee, aren't you glad you tuned in for this?


  1. Lisa has played the game and is now on my list to be a recipient of a fabulous prize. Who will join her in the winner's circle??!

  2. door open vs. door closed.
    yes! and upside down YES ball
    screen is different.
    diet coke can is turned
    palm moved
    pen or paintbrush in view
    yellow ball by plant instead of white
    book in and book out of pic.
    closer and farther view
    picture moved to the left

  3. I love these games! What a fabulous way to do what I'm not supposed to at work!

    Yes! ball turned
    Book is in 2nd pic
    Door open in pic #2
    Monitor screens are different
    Pen isn't in #2
    Cupboard/bookshelf thingy is visible in #2
    Coke can turned
    The yellow ball by plant in #1 is white in #2
    Fancy phone is closer in #1
    You can see someone's head (Erica?) through the window in #1
    Camera angles are different

    There, the end. What did I win???