Saturday, March 08, 2008

Invasion of the Drive-Thru Windows

When we moved out here, we had to drive for miles and miles to get to anything. We had a 7-11 about 6 miles away -- an old one with limited selection of much of anything. For groceries we drove 12 miles or more. Six years later and the corner where Pulix came first (what a day of rejoicing when groceries were just 3 miles away!!) is getting filled up with options. I think there is a contest between fast food joints, banks and nail emporiums to see who can occupy the most space.

So, one place that has a building and signage and electricity and all, but isn't open yet is Taco Bell. I wish they'd hurry -- it's one of my favorites in the cheap-fast-drive-thru category.

We are still without more than we have...and it's funny how I find myself and many others who live out this way complaining more about what's not here now that there are some things here. Six years ago, we would have been thrilled with, we have opinions.

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  1. I used to be able to bribe Taylor to do anything with Taco Bell. He has a job now he can buy his own Taco Bell. Oh the good old days.