Friday, March 21, 2008

Finger Painting

Wycliffe USA staff working in Orlando spent a day together to reFOCUS, reCONNECT, and reTREAT.

Throughout the day which focused on Jesus as he is revealed in Matthew 15 & 16, there were two large canvases developing. One was of a lion -- the Lion of Judah -- representing the royal, mighty, fierce, not-safe-but-always-good, majestic characteristics of the One who Peter declared the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

Michael Harrar, a Wycliffe artist, provided a visual structure for the work, but let anyone who wanted to contribute participate. People dipped fingers and hands into paint and created the lion's mane and ears. The goal was more about the creation of art as expression of worship than art as a product -- but the end product is quite lovely. Soon it will hang in the Wycliffe office for a season as a reminder of this experience.

The second canvas was also a worship expression -- abstract in nature. Many more took courage and covered their hands with paint and added their hand print. In the afternoon, we cut this canvas from the frame and cut it into book marks. Anyone who wanted some could take them as another kind of remembrance.

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