Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Cosbys on Oprah

Oprah Winfrey had a "retro" show today and her first guest was David Cassidy. I stopped my channel flipping to see him for a minute and then stayed when I heard that her next guests would be the Cosby kids.

Oprah's crew built a replica of the Cosby show living room set -- down to the last detail. Very cool. The five kids who were there -- all grown up -- looked like they belonged.

I've never seen a "reunion" of sitcom characters where ALL of them are every bit as articulate and engaging (if not more than) as human beings as they were as characters.

8 seasons (available in a box set this Fall they said) on Thursday nights -- 5 of those years as the number one show on television. I know we watched pretty faithfully for at least those first 5 seasons.

I remember when my grandma was having pacemaker surgery on a Thursday afternoon and her question for the doctor before they began was whether they would be done in time for her to be back in her room to watch Cosby.

This is the time I need to confess that I did have a crush on "Theo" -- particularly in the later years of the series.

Anyhow, for the next segment Bill appeared on the show by sattelite and was delightfully himself. Funny man.


  1. Wish I would have seen that! I'm sure it will surface somewhere on the internet! Total trivia, there was one time Bill wore a Meharry Medical College sweatshirt in his perpetual parade of college sweatshirts. :-)

  2. Tori loves to watch The Cosby Show now in reruns. She asked me one time while watching it "did you really dress like that mom?"