Friday, February 29, 2008


I love leap year and, really, I'm not asking any of you to write to me and tell me why my theory is wrong.  To me, it feels like anything that is accomplished on Feb 29 is "bonus" or "free" somehow.  Like we all pay for 265 days in a year and every few years, God throws in a catch-up day.  (I know, there are all sorts of things wrong with that...theologically, scientifically. I don' t care.)

So, sometimes that prompts me to take it easy and enjoy a free day on which I don't need to check off dozens of things from the list that grows faster than it shrinks.

This year, I'm taking the opposite approach. I've made a very aggressive list for today and intend to conquer it. When I do, and then wake up tomorrow on March 1, it will be as if it happened magically. :)  

First, though, dad and I are going to McD's where they understand my theory and are handing out free breakfast if I just purchase a big enough beverage. With their iced coffee, I don't see that as a problem. FREE DAY!!

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  1. oh yes, ruth. i agree. Feb 29... it's a free day.
    i was telling my sister they should have off from school today because it's an extra day. :)
    i guess the school didn't agree with my thinking.