Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hey! I like you!

Maybe next year...I will make handmade cards for my friends. Until then, I will have to find another way to find a balance on this Valentine's Day. So much of the stuff I found in "free e-card land" just didn't say what I have to say exactly. Not their fault -- they are serving (and influencing?) the population into making this day all about romance and (is this a recurring theme in our culture?) sex. There were some funny things there -- Hoops and YoYo always make me laugh...but...

So, in the spirit of the days when a small card and a bit of candy and a simple note scribbled sometimes with pencil gave me a chance to say to my friends, "Hey, I like you. I'm glad we both are here. The world is a better place for it" I'm posting this image (from this website) with this rambling (but relatively short) text.

Happy Valentine's Day, my friends. 

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