Saturday, February 23, 2008

"ET - Phone Home!"

We are the Executive Team (ET) for Wycliffe USA. Recently we named ourselves because, while the four of us are a part of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), we also meet without all the VP's and we got tired of calling ourselve "Bob and the three SVP's" (though we might form a band and use that name, but I digress as usual). We try to meet weekly, but it's usually more like two times a month because of travel schedules and other obligations.

Some of you who pray for me have also often prayed for this team, even if you weren't calling us any of the names we've used. Now you have names and faces.

How can you pray for us? Let me give you a few suggestions for things that are constant opportunities:
  • Pray that we will listen well -- to each other, to those we lead, to those we serve and most of all to our Father who is over all and in all the works through all.
  • Pray that we will be constantly growing in our trust of one another -- able to conflict well (iron sharpens iron) and collaborate well (brothers who dwell together in unity) and work well (created for the works God has prepared in advance for us to do)
  • Pray that God will protect us from all sorts of distractions and derailments as we work hard, travel often (Bob more than the rest of us) and interact in myriad relationships for the sake of those who have not yet heard God speak to them in the language they understand deeply -- maybe not at all.
  • Pray that we will rest in God who is our refuge, rejoice in God who is our hope and strength, and be overwhelmed by the greatness of God who is almighty and gracious and good.

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