Friday, February 01, 2008

Northland: A Church Distributed

Maybe you can't travel to Longwood, Florida to visit Northland: A Church Distributed with me -- to hear Joel Hunter (or one of our regular "sub" preachers, Steve Brown) preach and to worship with Vernon Rainwater and the team, but you can participate if you have the technology.

Click the title above to be linked over to the Northland website. From there, you will be directed to free podcasts (audio or video) of sermons as well as the live streaming worship. Saturday night, Sunday morning and night and Monday night (Florida time - schedule on the Home page of the website) when Northland gathers to worship, anyone with a computer (software you need to view the streaming video may already be on the machine -- if not, you can download it for free) and reasonable internet access can log in and worship.  

Northland folk traveling all over the world use this to stay connected -- including a number serving in the armed forces.  But there are others who log in and worship, too. I hear that there is a group in the Carolinas (3 or 4 people) who gather at a Burger King every Sunday and worship via webstream together. 

So...maybe I'll see you at Northland sometime. I usually drive to the Longwood campus for the earliest Sunday morning gathering. I'll look for you. 

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