Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I wonder what would happen...

...if we invested as much time and energy into praying that God would soften the hearts of both major candidates running for the office of President as we spend blathering about things we "have heard" and that "they say."

Should we talk about the issues? Yes

Is it appropriate to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate? Of course.  

Could healthy public debate help us to not only identify our next President but potentially help us solve the issues that our nations faces?  I believe so. 

But we haven't done all that much of those things and a whole lot too much of substance-free noise-making  -- at least lately we haven't. I'm sick to death of posturing and spin, rumor and innuendo -- on both sides of the aisle and about both sides of this race. 

I do think that part of the issue is that this election cycle has been TOO LONG, but if we let that be our only excuse then I am afraid we will continue in the spiral that keeps us suspicious and dogmatic and unable to reason together. 

Anyhow, I'm going to try to stay out of the verbal fray this last week before the Election. I'm going to try to spend time praying for John McCain and Barak Obama (and Sarah Palin and Joe Biden). 

And when the dust settles and the votes are counted and we name a new President, I will thank God that we choose our leaders by casting votes -- that this imperfect system is so much better than many of the options -- and that in January, one President will peacefully move out of the White House as another moves in. 

More than that, I will thank God that He is still on the throne -- that the Kingdom will not be shaken by human politics -- and that for all of eternity, our God reigns. 

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