Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My kind of town, Chicago is...

I flew to Chicago on Sunday morning (with Erica and Nancy) for an all-day conference on Monday and was home to sleep in my own bed Monday night. 

Quick trip. 

Good trip.
Good because I got to spend time with women I like a lot in a city I like a lot doing things I like a lot. Good because the trees were beautiful. 

Good because the sun was warm and the sky was blue on Sunday. 

Good because even when the Bears lose in the last 1 second after a nearly-miraculous come-back, it's better when you experience that with a pub full of Bear's fans in the Loop.

Good because of God. 

Really no more and no was all Him. 

The people, the weather, the beauty and wonder. Even the glimmers of community found in a pub over common experiences -- even in that, God's character reflected in it is what I'm drawn toward.

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  1. I've only been to Chicago once, when my sister worked there for a while, and it was this time of year so the trees were fantastic. I loved it. We also had a mini heat wave so I wished I'd brought some shorts, or something!! That's the only time I've been to the states, so far, anyway!