Sunday, October 19, 2008

Idylle * Idyll

I have a collection of places -- real and imaginary -- where "I'd rather be..." This has just become one of those.

Truth is, I REALLY want to be wherever it is that God wants me to be -- and I don't mean that to sound all Sunday school-ish at all. That is where I find true peace and contentment.

But sometimes I'd like to be transported to one of these ideal places for a short rest. These are places where taking a deep breath is easy and naps come without effort.

(Thanks Mali Anta for making it easy to blog your photos from flickr...)


  1. Beautiful picture, but my idyllic place includes more padding on the an overstuffed leather recliner. Ah yes, I'm going there in my mind right now.

  2. Mine is at the top of a little hill in Bar Harbor, Maine on a small blue park bench that overlooks the bay with a chocolate ice cream cone in my hand!

  3. I am glad you like the picture. Thanks for mentioning where it comes from. As for the padding - that's the disadvantage of most chairs in Mali. Actually, this is one of the more comfortable ones. ;-)