Saturday, January 05, 2008

Amador Capcha Balvin

Amador Capcha Balvín worked as one of the translators of the Wanca Quechua New Testament in Peru. When he started working, he had no idea that he’d one day be training as a translation consultant with the potential to impact people far beyond his own community.

Why was his work on the translation of his own mother tongue so so important to Amador? “I am so grateful for God’s love and mercy to me, and I want others to know also, but it is impossible for me to contact each and every other speaker of my language to tell them. But by doing a good job on the translation, my work can go to places I’ve never been to before, that that they, too, will be able to know how much God loves them.

(This photo of Amador was taken at the celebration held this past summer in the highlands of Peru which marked the arrival of the Wanca Quechua New Testament. To read more of the story, visit Wycliffe's website.)

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