Thursday, January 17, 2008

Missions Seminar @ Columbia International University

I'm in South Carolina for a small missions conference where the focus of the keynote sessions is reconciliation. I came with an open mind -- not sure what I was expecting in some ways. I'm learning a lot already. The majority of people in attendance at this event are pastors/church leaders. They are also Black Americans of African decent. I can't tell you how significant and good it is for me to listen and learn in this environment.

One of the seminars I attended addressed how Black Americans of African decent (the teacher of this session is the man who used this descriptor -- I like it) are equipped to be uniquely effective missionaries in the early 21st Century.

He asked two of his friends to share a testimony -- one man who is African American and has been serving as a missionary in Uganda for 7 years and another man from Togo who is with YWAM serving in the Atlanta area.

A few others volunteered to share as well -- an African American pastor who was challenged to missions by a missionary from Africa to his church in California, a CIU student from South Africa, and a Nigerian who now lives in the U.S. and leads short term trips back to Africa. The wealth of wisdom and experience and vision in that room was invaluable.

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