Thursday, January 03, 2008

If life were more like Scrabble

I love the game Scrabble. I've been playing it for years. I remember spending a week or two in the summers at my grandparent's house in the Ozark Mountains and playing a lot of Scrabble (and Uno, which I don't like nearly as much).

Lately I've been playing Scrabulous on Facebook and enjoying that greatly. No surprise there. I mean really, at one point I was playing one game with a friend in California, another with a friend in Pennsylvania, and two others with friends in Texas.

I tend to play the tiles I draw. Grit it out until I get better tiles. On a rare occasion, I turn in the tiles for new ones rather than taking my turn. Sometimes you simply know you can't make words with what you've got.

I kind of feel like doing that with presidential candidates with 306 days until the election (I read that on Google News...I didn't count).

I mean, these are people with extraordinary capacity and intellect. Truly. I even believe that each one desires to serve us in this role of leadership -- none of the more viable candidates are so naive to think that it is all about power and glory. I just haven't found one yet that catches my imagination and inspires me to get out of bed early to check their name off the list.

I don't want to be unpatriotic. I'm just not yet motivated to say THIS is the person who I hope is our next president. Bummer.

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