Friday, January 04, 2008

Good Morning! from Wycliffe's Mobilization Center


I've worked my way through overnight emails and responded to the most critical ones and a few "easy" ones along the way.

The staff in the Offices of the President has met for prayer together.

I brewed a cup of Chai which I'm enjoying in my 1987 Bethel Alumni mug and I thought I'd say HELLO before I dig in to more work.

The cold temps have produced their needed effects. A few plants were killed off and some of them needed to go anyhow, so that's fine. We officially recorded snow at the Daytona Beach airport, so we've checked that off the list for 2008 as DONE. And this afternoon, when temps return to a high in the low 60's we'll be saying how nice it is to be warm again rather than fussing about how cold it is. Until we dip near freezing for a night or two, we whine in the 60's here. The frosty winds remind us to shut up and enjoy it.

Besides, there are so few days when I crave chili and soup and hot tea...

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