Wednesday, January 09, 2008

do you facebook?

I've been on facebook for a few months now and am finding it an interesting experience. I didn't expect to get pulled into some of the things which I have -- like the strange "need" to keep building the friend file as if it is a measure of anything significant at all.

So, once the honeymoon phase ended (that's when it's all just too wonderful to imagine and you think about checking your page when you're away from it) and I'm now enjoying this thing for the parts I want to use and ignoring the other stuff without guilt.

I "ignore" half-a-dozen invitations to try new applications or take personality tests or compare my pizza preferences with those of all my friends each week and don't apologize. I write on walls of friends when I have something to say or just want them to know that I noticed...or I'm thinking of them...or have an opinion about something they've done on their page. I sometimes poke back...or even initiate a poke. I don't "super poke."

I rejoiced when facebook removed the "is" from the status statement and do like to update that with some regularity. I often change my profile picture, but not as often as I did for a while there. One of my favorite applications is Entourage. My true favorite is Scrabulous. I love playing that with friends from all over as often as people will play.

Now, if none of this makes sense, that only means that you're not a facebooker. It is NOT reflection on your intelligence, your taste, our values or your "coolness."

It only means you don't do facebook, and that's okay.

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