Saturday, January 05, 2008

Trading Spaces with Myself

Over the holidays I got motivated to paint my bedroom/office.

I used birthday money to purchase paint and Christmas money to purchase a couple things from IKEA (duvet cover, desk) and Dad made the IKEA curtains my Christmas gift from him.

I emptied, cleaned, sorted, moved, repositioned, cleaned some more, re-filled, painted, hung, and labeled (don't ask) for three weeks. I filled in all the spaces around other more normal holiday behavior. It was wonderful.

I promised a couple people that I'd show some "after" pics, so here they are. (As is true with blogger photos, if you click on them, they open in the browser to their full size. I left these large when I imported them for those who like to look more closely.) The one above is the view from the doorway to my room. The wall color is gray and it's appearance changes as the lights change through out the day.

This is my desktop (obviously). I went with an simple white table top and 4 metal legs. It is going to help me not stash and store so much junk under and in and behind. I chose white because I think it makes the e.mac look smaller and it looks good in the room with dark woods and white trim. And it was cheap. $29 for the top and $5 for each leg. Holes were all pre-drilled. It was a breeze. If I want to add different "legs" to it later (ones, for example, that are actually book cases of sorts). I can do that and will just have spare legs to use elsewhere. (I like IKEA a lot...and not just for their meat balls!)

One of the things you might see on the wall is a magnetic strip (I have one in my kitchen for knives) and it holds things I'm often looking for and using...and a few other odd things that are metal and that I just plain wanted to hang for fun.

And this is the view out my window. Just to the right of that little table is a chair which makes a great place to read or just sit and look out from.

More importantly, those red flowers you see out the right side of the window are from a poinsettia plant I got last Christmas and which spent about six months on my patio in a clay pot...lost all it's red color. So, when it outgrew the pot, I jammed it in the ground and in mid-November, it began to turn red. Further left, beyond what you can see in the photo, is a new poinsettia TREE which I picked up at Target for 75% off. It is gorgeous right now and I hope it will do as most plants seem to do here....GROW and grow and grow.

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  1. Very nice! I got that same duvet cover in red for Christmas, by the way. I knew there was a reason I liked you so much. Your taste is impeccable!